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Industry Sheriff's Youth Activities League (YAL)

Member, Southern California Kendo Federation (SCKF) & All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF)



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LATEST NEWS BULLETINS (Updated 5/6/2014)

2014 Dojo Photo
Done, I'll have prints for people in a week or so!

Our Wednesday practices for beginners starts at 7PM!!  Fridays will continue to be at 7:30.

SCKF & AUSKF Upcoming Events

  • AUSKF Championships, 6/26 - 29, San Diego

  • SCKF Individual Championships, 7/13, Wilson Park

  • **Tentative** Possible Kata Seminar, date in July & location to be determined

  • Nikkei Games, 8/3, location to be determined

  • Nisei Week Tournament, Date  in August still pending, Alhambra Gym

  • AUSKF Summer Camp, 8/15 - 17, Seattle Washington

  • SCKF Team Championships, 9/28, Wilson Park

  • SCKF Fall Promotion Exams, 10/19, Location pending

New Translations by Imoto Sensei
Please see the links below or also access via the "knowledge" page.  Imoto Sensei worked hard to translate these for non-Japanese readers!

Rational Method of Handling Shinai
Translation by Ted Imoto Sensei, this describes the characteristics & practice of swinging a shinai

Studies of Body Movements in Kendo Men Strike
Myojo University Research Treatise, March 2012, author Imafuku Ichiju, translated by Ted Imoto Sensei- discusses the mechanics of body movement when striking a men cut

Why Men Uchi is Essential in Kendo
Translation by Ted Imoto Sensei, decribes the philosophy of a men strike

A Study of DATOTSU Movement in Kendo
Consideration of Morita's "Koshi to Tanden de Okonau Kendo" Theory, written by Eishi Kidera, translated by Ted Imoto Sensei


Sunday Practices at ULV- 8:30AM to 10AM

Anyone any age is welcome, but please, this is a practice for people with bogu only, open keiko, no instruction.  Please show up by 8:15AM, practice begins at 8:30.  8:30 to 8:45 is warm up, 8:45 to 10AM is open keiko.  Bring a friend! 

*Note that the first Sunday of each month we have access to the main gym, with lights on, to practice and welcome all southern California kenshi/sensei to join us. The facilities that ULV has provided us are fantastic for kendo!

May 2014
4 11 18 25
N/S Tourn Mother's Day ULV Graduation SCKO Memorial Day Tournament  
June 2014
1 8 15 22 29
Main Gym ULV Floor refinish Father's Day Team SCKF last practice AUSKF Championships
  Practice held
  No Practice!
  Tentative, depending on interest: please call or e-mail to verify

You're Always Welcome- Join Now! 
 Beginners are encouraged to join practice sessions from 7:30 to 8:30 each Wednesday and Friday (show up by 7:15PM to get ready).  Any new members with prior experience or rank can join in at either 7:30 or 8:30.  Need more information?  Just show up at the dojo, contact one of our instructors or call Deputy Jeff Domingo at 626-934-3079.  Cost is $15/month for one person, plus another $5/month for each additional family member.  There is also an annual fee to be paid to the AUSKF and SCKF.  The dojo provides you everything you need to start- shinai & bokken.  All you need are loose fitting clothes, bare feet, and a great attitude!


We have to register you with the SCKF and AUSKF, our parent kendo organizations.  ISKD also charges monthly dues that help to offset our operating costs. 

**Note that anyone under 18 and living in the area, as of now, per the Industry Sheriffs YAL, pays no dues- practice is free!  You will also never has to worry about buying a shinai or bokken- the dojo provides!  Youth only pay for the annual dues to the right ($39).

**ISKD, with the help of the Industry Sheriffs YAL, also provides bogu for those kenshi who can't quite afford a set on their own.  Please speak with a sensei for details.

Monthly Dues- Adults Only (anyone under 18 & living in the area is free) Annual AUSKF & SCKF- Adults Annual AUSKF & SCKF- Youth
One member 15 66 39
Additional members 5 each 66 39
Shinai Free**
Bokken Free

Thank You, Industry YAL!

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